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Marant Roofing & Construction was the birth of a dream of one man in 1985. He was a man that believed in entrepreneurship and building a better life for his family doing something he loved. He believed in starting his own business. He wanted to build a business that matched not only his drive for excellence, but his moral values as well. So that became the basis for Marant Roofing & Construction, excellence without sacrificing goodness.

The Marant family

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While most businesses were starting up for the sole purpose of profit gain, Eddie Martin saw the bigger picture. His philosophy

was “Do What It Takes.” This fostered a success beyond his wildest imaginings.

Marant Roofing & Construction did not make a lot of money in its first years as profits were many times sacrificed to go beyond to make every customer happy. This could have proved fatal for this young business venture. His sacrifice for short term profits, however, this was also his key to long term success. In a not so small town with small town attitude reputation is everything, and Eddie, who grew up in Burkburnett, knew this. Mr. Martin was sometimes questioned by his friends, relatives, and oftentimes others in his industry as to why he would go to such great lengths and cost his company so much when “some people will never be happy.” His answer was always the same, “I live here, my kids go to school here, when I see a customer I don’t want to duck and run. I want to be able to walk right up and shake their hand.”


This is all very pertinent because to understand this business, forged from the ideas of one man you must understand the man whose ideals were its foundation. Mr. Martin was a leader in his church, his community, and at home. His love and dedication to his way was contagious. In 1997 his son went to work for Eddie and his company continued to grow. In 1998, his daughter, while going to college to earn her degree in Business Administration, came to work at Marant Roofing & Construction, also to be his office manager.



Much of his family followed, his brother, his son-in-law, and his daughter-in-law all joined the ranks of the growing Marant family business. The last addition to Marant Roofing & Construction was a family friend who held the same principles and priorities that Marant Roofing & Construction was founded on. The Marant family was formed, and Marant Roofing & Construction had seriously outgrown being a home based business where Eddie was known to write messages on fast food napkins. The strides that Marant Roofing & Construction took in a few short years were mind-blowing.


Today Marant Roofing & Construction is a prospering business with a 12,000 sq. ft. office and two attached lots for trucks and trailers, eight full-time employees, and over 40 regular subcontractors, who all stemmed from one crew that worked for Eddie Martin since Marant Roofing & Construction's inception in 1992. The face of Marant Roofing & Construction has changed over the years but the principles have remained the same. “Do What It Takes” in a lot of instances means a sacrifice of profits for our customer’s satisfaction and our reputation preservation.


Marant Roofing & Construction has a lot of firsts in its industry. It puts its customers first, its employees first, and its community first. This puts a strain on Marant Roofing & Construction, both financially and ethically, but through faith in its reputation and a lot of hard work Marant Roofing & Construction has become a leader in its industry. Marant Roofing & Construction strives to be an inspiration to other businesses and prove that profits should not be the basis of business but with the right moral and ethical principles, growth will follow.